Alex's work has heavily revolved around integrating physical and digital spaces in a more fluid and meaningful way to develop new contextually aware tech in touch with human nature and capable of promoting human interactions and empower individuals. His work focuses on exploring and creating new ways of combining these two worlds into one single entity: Tangible Programming (Bear Blocks), Virtual Reality Eating (Tasteworks), In-situ Digital Fun (TOMO), Emotions from Digital Movement (Hamon) and Data Sonification (Sonna).

Alex is a designer & engineer from the UK and France. He is 24. Alex graduated from Imperial College (Mechanical Engineering 2013 & Global Innovation Design 2015) and the Royal College of Art (Global Innovation Design 2015)



If you want to ask him about a project, want to collaborate or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact him: kitching.alexandre@gmail.com